Still In Love With Her

Lost in a sea of memories
Some hed rather forget
Her vision floats amongst them
A lost love he regrets
He wants to get on with his life
But he cant leave her behind
Should he give her one more chance
Would it work this time?
He struggles with this daily
Always on his mind
Is he still in love with her
Or has he become blind
To all the heartache and the pain
He chooses not to think about
As if it might just go away
If he shuts it out
He knows he should move on
And try to love another
But while her memory haunts him
His heart will take no lover
Only time will heal the wounds
And teach the lessons to be taught
Tomorrow he may love again
Or perhaps he just may not
So in the wings she waits for him
To try and set things right
She loves him, but she understands
This battle is his, alone, to fight

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