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Green Ooze!

There's green ooze lying on my chair
Oh my god! Who put it there?
I guess I really shouldn't care
Perhaps I'll put it in my hair!
A perfect prop for Halloween
My costume would be really mean!
I'd win the prize for most obscene
I couldn't be more un-pristine!
It smells a bit but that's O.K.
I'll only wear it for a day
Even though it may cause dismay
I'd not have it another way!
I arrived on time at the ball
The green ooze made me look real tall
Piled up high on my head and all
'Twas Smashing baby! I had gall!
As the night rolled on towards dawn
I felt the need to party on!
Green ooze and I went to 'The Prawn'
A club that most would term 'Tres Bon'
There, the ooze met its demise
The D.J claimed it as his prize
It crept from head into his eyes
Tainting vision - what a surprise!
What came next was most radical
The ooze was declared magical
Soon it was in demand by all
I watched it vanish down the hall
My life will never be the same
I am one rather lonely dame
The green ooze left, quick as it came
I miss the green ooze. Is that lame?

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