How Much Fun Love Can Be

He has a heart of gold
Love that canít be bought or sold
A mind to set his life straight
To leave behind the heartache
Iím the girl he met today
Intent to steal his heart away
Donít know if heíll give me a chance
Iíd thrill for just a second glance!

Good luck was mine, I got a date
Didnít know that it would seal my fate
If destiny really does exist
My heart will definitely insist
I fall in love with him tonight
Never let him out of my sight
Hold him through the long dark night
Well into the morning light

Come with me boy and Iíll show you how much fun love can be
Where kisses replace angry words and hugs are always free
Anger becomes laughter and bitterness is sweet
Take my hand and Iíll gladly sweep you off your feet
Heaven will become the earth when you heart meets mine
Iíll be yours forever, until the end of time

God help me, this just feels so right
I feel like I should run or fight
But when I look into his eyes
My heart soars into the skies
I want to comfort him and keep him close
Erase all his pain and woes
Turn the skies to sun from rain
Show him that all women arenít insane

He laughs at me as if amused
He told me he was quite confused
He thought for sure Iíd run away
Love just didnít happen this way
I held his face between my hands
Ensured him that we had some plans
To live our lives like there was no tomorrow
Erasing all the hurt and sorrow

Iíll stand by you through thick and thin
I will always be your friend
You can count on me to rub your feet
When your day has left you feeliní beat
Iíll heal your heart and change your mind
Help you leave it all behind
And if you ever choose to leave
I promise to forever grieve!

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