Place In The Forest

There’s a place within the forest
Hidden beyond hill and vale
It will share with you much wisdom
If you listen to its tale
Often I go there alone
To appease my troubled brain
With a long-needed rest break
From all the stress and strain
While basking in the music
Of nature’s million piece band
My worries sift through my fingers
Like tiny grains of sand
The sun kisses my face
In a gesture of tenderness
Caressing me with its warmth
My lover from the wilderness
The smell of damp leaves rises
From the patchwork earthen floor
Quilted by the hand of Autumn
Beauty, alone, worth living for
Savoring every moment
Spent in this wondrous bliss
I linger like a love struck fool
For one more sun-laden kiss
As I bid adieu to the forest
The wind answers my farewell
You’re always welcome here, my friend
You’re secrets we’ll never tell!

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