Look at me, a sight to see
A daughter of the blackest sea
Beyond the darkness of the night
I am the source that placates fright
Don't turn your back or you'll regret
Your misplaced trust caught in the net
Of lies, deceipt and fallacy
Surprised that this is really me?
Don't feel alone you're not the first
To cruise my luscious little hurst
I am not death, but be assured
You'd rather die once you've been lured
Into my lair of love and hate
At first this realm seems quite ornate
Until you awake in my arms
And notice that my wiley charms
Have led you from your one defense
Against evil masked by innocence
You look at me you cannot trace
This evil behind my pretty face
You trusted me you should have known
That in this heart good can't be grown
The seeds of time, the seeds of wrath
Took their own unruly path
My heart thus followed, in search of gold
Riches for the price of my soul
I've tried to run but cannot hide
From the grips of that black tide
My sentence, delivered from the court
My wicked ways I can't abort
Until one day "he" brings me light
To help me go from wrong to right

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