Waste Away

Didnít stop to cry
When you said goodbye
I held my head up and tried to move on
Now itís tomorrow
Iím filled with sorrow
Canít find the strength to carry on

When you called today
I didnít know what to say
I was so happy to hear your voice
I wasnít going to tell you
I still loved you
Because you had made your choice

I look into this strange man's eyes
Can he see the hurt, the loss, the lies?
This scene repeats itself every week
A different guy, a different bar
My bodyís here, my heart afar
Everything I say, so tongue in cheek

Months go by, and seasons change
Without you my life seems so strange
Canít find a reason to love anyone else
I say a prayer as I turn out the light
That youíll return to me during the night
Perhaps the moon can cast a spell

If I wait long enough for you to return
Will I waste my life away
Hanging on to memories
Of a love from yesterday
Canít move on, canít go back
First 2 Chorus
I watch myself waste away
Waste away
Waste away
I watch myself waste away
Final Chorus
If you come back and Iím not here
I must apologize my dear
Couldnít watch myself just waste away
I canít hold on to yesterday

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