Young Love on Trebein

The moon peeked cautiously from behind the clouds
As if she were a shy child
Trying to hide from the unknown world
Cautiously she tread upon the seemingly fragile sky
Her silence paralleled that of the two young lovers
Who stood awed by her presence
Wrapped tight within each others arms
Longing for nothing but the cessation of time
For the passing of the seconds
Meant their meeting would eventually come to an end
He gazed deep into her eyes
Marveling at their beauty and complexity
Wondering what he had done to deserve this
...this creature of overwhelming splendor
She wept with gratitude
Wondering why such sudden good fortune
Had leant her the love of this elegant man
So enamoured were they with each other,
That the world seemed to have no purpose
Other than nature's splendor and the love it evoked
Fairy tales were wrote of this
Of a love so pure and true
With every breath she felt his heart
And knew he felt hers too
The moon glistened on his tears
Balancing ever so delicately
Upon the tips of his long, long eyelashes
Head bowed to conceal his emotion
As he looked up into her face
He whispered words that she had never heard
Words that struck the innermost depths of her soul
'I will love you forever...unconditionally'
She searched his eyes for confirmation
And became lost in a passion
That extended far beyond any boundary defined
Before and after time
Beyond this current life and into infinity
He was nothing short of her reason to live

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