Trash Dump Princess

It was a cold and dreary morning
As I drug myself from bed
I glanced over at you
Pillow underneath your head
My kiss fell upon dead lips
My touch as usual, ignored
You moved out of my reach
Irritated and bored
Where had all the passion gone
Or was it there at all?
When did we last say ‘I love you’?
I couldn’t quite recall
This same old scene replayed itself
A year and 6 months plus
You snoring as I go off to work
Me exploding as I begin to cuss
I ignore the ringing of the phone
I know who’s on the other end
Damned bill collectors should know by now
I don’t have any money to send

I’m the princess of a trash dump kingdom
Trapped here with my prince
Working just to pay the bills
It doesn’t make much sense
Someday I’ll get rescued
By a knight on his white horse
We’ll ride off into the sunset
As destiny plots our course

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