In Search of The Path

Walking on the path
Is not a task for the ignorant
Whose minds are consumed
By meaningless simplicity
Ignorance shan't be bliss, however
For those aware of the path's existence
Life only becomes more challenging
As bliss becomes an afterthought
And we begin to recognize the signs around us
Many proceed, unaware for months…years
Before grasping a small slice of enlightenment
The achievement process is painful
Fraught with many trials
Yet filled with the most precious
Blessed tribulation
Depression may fall upon us
Making us weary
Creating indifference perhaps
As we float through time and space
Our minds and souls vacant
Needing a break from this challenge
Eventually, the consequences of this
Consume one like a swarm of deadly bees
Forcing moments of clarity
As we strive to define our vision
The path we are destined to travel
For without it
We know nothing of our existence

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