Reflections of a Sailor's Ghost

The beauty of these wooden ships
Falls unacknowledged and haphazardly
Into the hungry jaws of the sea
Their mammoth masts dwarf the sky
As sails envelope the breadth of the vessel
All is well as the sun sets purple upon the horizon
Yet as the shallow recesses of the morning touch the dawn
A pink flare tinges the fringe of the sky
An ancient pirate warns his comrades
This will mean danger for their venture
The sailors stare blissfully into the wall
Of their fecund success of past weeks
An erroneous accomplishment
Wracks their morality
As the darkness descends upon their astonished eyes
Many lives will be lost amongst these sailors
Yet very few shall be remembered
It all seems but a triviality
Caught somewhere amid
Reality and sophism
Countless bodies banished to the trenches
Of the seemingly bottomless ocean
They smile their toothy grins
From skinless skulls washed clean
By gallon upon gallon of salt water
As they sit rotting
Housed within these depths
All hopes of discovery nil
They dismiss the prospect
That they are more than shells of yesterday

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