Return to Hopelessness

Deep within the midnight realm
Sounds of darkness fall
Somewhere in the distance
I hear a lone wolf call
To whom, I do not stop to ask
Why, I do not care
The night weighs heavy on my mind
I'm drawn into its lair
Chaotic visions fill my head
Sanity is lost
To be within your warmth right now
Might somehow melt this frost
Behind the ice perimeter
That surrounds my heart
Lie dreams of acquiescent love
A long lost form of art
Interrogation is my means
Frustration is the end
I search my soul for answers
No clues my heart shall lend!
Will the dawning of tomorrow bring
A fresh outlook on life?
Hopes to start a brand new day
And cure this endless strife?
But upon waking from the night
All my hopes are lost
Your memory fills my heart
My soul thus pays the cost

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