Nothing But Rain

The rain slithers down the window pain,
running along the glass in its own haphazard pattern.
I stare through the tiny rivulets of water,
feeling the gloom of the weather penetrate my soul.
I reminisce of a day when the sky was a vivid blue;
the sun casting its generous warmth upon all that lay underneath its glow.
A day that gave promise to a tomorrow;
yielding excitement to the monotony of everyday life.
Was that day so long ago,
that memories are the only evidence of its existence?
I search the darkening sky for an answer to this question,
only to get rain in reply.
The clouds twist madly together
as if they are huddling to conspire to hide the sun for the duration of time.
Arrogantly I glare at them,
defying them to convey their plan.
Again, their response is nothing but rain...
Nothing but rain...
periodically thwarted by a lightning bolt of disdain.

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