Reflections on Pinkie Squirrel

I watched his sides heave in and out
As he fought for his life
Struggling to survive in this new world
Bloodied and bruised by the claws of a predator
I rescued him and cleaned him off
Praying for his life and speedy recovery
He was so small, so pink, so helpless
Eyes and ears shut tight
Tiny little limbs reaching out
To find warmth…nourishment
He passed away this morning
A little past 10 am
A tear rolled down my cheek as I mourned
Sorry that I couldn’t have done more
Disheartened by his untimely demise
Weakened by the discovery that life
Is always a step away from death
And that one must live each day
As if it is the last
Because no one ever knows
If they’re going to be here tomorrow

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