Into the Netherworld

Multicolored pills
Lying askew on the table in front of her
Which to choose?
What combination would be the most lethal?
Should she take one more trip
Before blasting off into the netherworld?
Walls are closing down upon her
Feeling trapped inside a world she is not from
Does she need a glass of water for this?
Could she swallow without it?
She can run no more, nor can she hide
'The only way out
This is it kid
Sorry you didn't want to live
Your world was one of mutated dreams
You expected too much
The world is a hole, and you are at the bottom
No rope will be thrown down to you...
No ladder lowered for you rescue
You will never be recognized
Merely a speck on the wall
The 5 on the left
The best of them all
You'll fly before you fall
No more suffering, just endless darkness
Goodby cruel world....'

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