Another bloody Monday, here to dry me out
Iíve been drinkin all weekend tryin to stop thinkin Ďbout
The way that you betrayed me and left me in the street
Youíre with her now and here I am just starin at my feet

Shufflin down the sidewalk, tryin my best to get to work
Tryin to hide the tears I cry because youíve been a jerk
No one on the street has ever known the pain I feel
I curse your name and wish these memories werenít so real

Monday after Monday
I repeat this scene again
This is my punishment
For loving you, my greatest sin
If I could get through Monday
I might make it through the week
I need my fix, must get it
Youíre the drug that I seek

Iím thinkin about drinkin so I donít feel anymore
I slam another shot and stumble through the bathroom door
As I look up, a strangerís eyes greet me in the mirror
My face is gaunt and drawn and stained by thousands of my tears

I never should have loved you and now Iíll pay the price
I gave my heart to you, by far my biggest sacrifice
Now I live without a heart, exist without a soul
I wander this earth aimlessly, without a plan or goal

I tell myself to move on and somehow rise above
I can go on without you, I can live without your love
My friends say you never loved me so why should it be so tough
Itís just a broken heart, you ain't got it all that rough!!

I grab the bottle to take a drink, and notice that itís gone
I breathe a heavy sigh and watch the night fade into dawn
Another day, a new found way, to make it on my own
Somewhere I find the strength within to face the world alone

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