For a Moment in Time

For a moment in time
I had the world
Revolving around my existence
Brightly illuminated spectrums of color
Yielding a glow to every image envisioned
Now it seems as if I'm lost in time
A lull has fallen over my psychadelic life
Spawning a monotonous and mundane existence
I watch you as you stroll down the hall
Pausing slightly as if you felt my stare
I sighed and walked the other way
How is it that merely a month ago
We would have gone out of our ways
Just to walk together for a few seconds?
Now we create excuses to avoid each other.
Why is it?
Has she taken your hear so quickly?
For a moment in time
I tried to force you out of my thoughts
Why are you still there?
As I sat behind my desk today
I remembered the last time I kissed you
So passionately
So fervidly
A kiss that lasted for hours
Promising never to end
For a moment in time I lived life
Hanging onto the dream that tomorrow
Might even be more wondrous than today
I would surrender all I possessed
For another moment in time

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