An Intimate Form of Torture

Into the night we talked of life
As night progressed towards dawn
I paused before I spoke again
Afraid to carry on
When I turned to look at him
His eyes reflected mine
The relationship between us
Had crossed over the line
I begged him not to leave me
He knew he must depart
To give in to these feelings
Meant mind had lost to heart
I cringed as he walked out the door
And sunk into despair
This wasn't the end of the world
Why is it I must care?
Confusion enters the dark realm
…that space I call my brain
My heart is doing somersaults
Reflecting on the pain
Torn between what's right and wrong
Is there an answer here?
If so it is evading me
It all seems so un-clear
Powerless I falter
As I struggle to my feet
I stumble off to meet my bed
A safe place to retreat?
Vivid dreams race through my head
Of places so divine
Where he and I run free from time
Reckless and unconfined
Consciousness arouses me
As darkness fades away
The dreams are just a memory
To get me through the day

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