Ode to Green

The rays of the summer sun
Wash over the green waxy leaves of the tree
Causing them to shine brilliantly in the light
They sway in their own haphazard rhythm
Assisted by the orchestration of the breeze
It is their color, not their movement
That truly captivates me
As my gaze shifts from the tree
I find that everywhere I look there is green!
A color who's splendor is so profound
Green as grass, green as trees
Green as the stems of the flowers
Green as the cool, deep lakes
Inspiring, inviting, refreshing, rejuvenating
Nurturing, growing, germinating, cultivating
Adjectives that attempt to describe the beauty
Of the color green
This appears to be one of those times
When no word,
In all its eloquent and verbose beauty,
As seamlessly as it may roll off the tongue,
Can do justice to the color green
So instead of continuing to write words
To describe my fascination
With this rediscovered phenomenon
I will simply gaze at the beauty of green
Feeling it penetrate the deepest recesses
Of my heart, mind and soul
A cleansing feeling tingles my senses
As the three merge to form a single entity
Green has brought this excitement
To my otherwise uneventful day

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