Goodby My Love

Time has flown by since the day that we met
Weve shared some memories I wont forget
But lately it seems weve been growing apart
I feel the hole growing, deep in my heart
It seems to widen with each passing day
We patch it together and go on our way
Truth was the way when our love was new
But the secrets we keep are clouding the view
The future we dreamed of together is lost
We dwell on the past to burden the cost
Afraid to trust, afraid to commit
Hurt before being hurt, a prerequisite
Forgive me, my love, for now this must end
Our love has been torn and thrown to the wind
I will never forget the time that we had
But the way that you treat me now is quite bad
Im done hoping that you will come round
And realize that Im your lost love finally found
You need time to yourself to figure things out
You must understand that you cant go about
Living a selfish, irresponsible life
Not wanting children nor wanting a wife
I hope that your frozen heart loves once again
But you must find yourself first, if you are to win
Goodbye, my love, be safe and be true
And know that my heart will always miss you

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