The noise in the room
Grew to a lull
All faces but one
Soon became null
He turned his head
And I looked away
The vision was blinding
As night became day
I could not resist
I looked again
Do my eyes deceive me
Or is it my sin?
This sin I have known
For almost a year
It has no mercy
It feeds on my fear
The fear that I know
The fear that I feel
When I tell myself
That you are not real
I try to run
But fall on my face
At times I fear
I'll fall from your grace
Forgive me, my friend
If this might scare you
But I can't control
What this fear might do
Confused and dazed
My mind tricks me
I hear your voice
From a mouth I can't see
Bewildered I know
That I am in danger
I behold your face
In that of a stranger
Am I so obsessed
That I must do this?
I conjur your image
From willful bliss
I toss in my sleep
I feel my heart tear
For I know when I wake
That you won't be there.

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