The Angel Next Door

There is an angel
That lives in the house next door
When he sleeps the world is silent
His waking wreaks havoc on the neighborhood!
But in all his awkward dissonance
There is beauty lurking beneath the black wings
Eyes full of bright darkness
Spellbind creation with merely a glance
Their amoral goodness a reflection
Of a discomforting past
One wrought with varying states
Of misinterpreted triumphs
And alleged ignorance
Within, lies a wisdom so profound
Yet he lacks the sense to fathom
That time has a meaning here
In this world of rare happiness
Where rain prevails over sun
And death over life
He is a guardian angel
And governs the darkest realms of my heart
Throughout their sunniest days
By my side until rain weds to sun
And life joins with death

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